Sunday, 28 November 2010

food blogs, book launchings, and a farewell .......

The awards thing seems to be overdone at times, however I thought I would post the Australian Food Media Awards which this year included a blog section. There are some brilliant food blogs around and certainly Kitchenslut has a loooong way to go to reach the high standards being set.

Winner of the Australian Pork Award for best food blog was The Gourmet Forager. Blogger Trina is "a Sydney-sider who loves to forage for tasty culinary delights! More gourmet than gourmand, I love anything to do with crustaceans, I’m a sucker for new food experiences – good or bad (but mostly good) and I’m always on the search for those hole-in-the-wall eateries."

Highly commended was Stonesoup blog where minimalist home cook Jules Clancy has committed the rest of her life to recipes with no more than 5 ingredients. KS is not sure this is something he would personally be prepared to commit his life to but admires the commitment and motivation!?

Most interesting was the SAXA People's Choice Award which went to "your mother". Coincidentally, KS rocked up to the Tanks on Friday evening for Clare Richards book launch of Tropical Cuisine and procured a signed copy as a Christmas pressie for his Mum.  Clare will be doing a round of local markets in coming weeks so you too can fill your Christmas stocking with this impressive self-published book filled with reams of information on how to make the most of our local tropical produce.

Emotions were more mixed on Saturday night as a full house turned out to R.I.P A Lemonade Tree. KS was fortunate to enjoy the last Grilled Spatchcock ever to emerge from the kitchen. Thanks to Apit and Ray for their efforts and food over the last year. Perhaps there should be an award? Now I need a replacement to update the Kitchenslut Selections list?


Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

I've only just stumbled across your blog and am really impressed! Its a great read. Very interesting and really engaging. I'll look forward to following it more closely from now on.

Dutchie said...

Hi KS,

Check out Havana Music Bar on Lake Street (next to Genesis gym). Totally different cuisine (south American / Carribean), but lots of potential here...good prices too.

Rick and Charly said...

Thanks for that Dutchie. I had a mate down from Bamaga and we took your advice and ate there.

The food was excellent, the waitress (I wish I'd remembered her name!)was not only very good, but very chatty, along with the owner, Brett, they made the night more than a meal, I feel I made two new friends.

Don't ask me what we ate, I had pasta something with prawns, delicious, $16, my mate had crab with some sort of curry he almost licked the plate.

The starters were delicious, the drinks were cold, and it was a very pleasant night, recommended.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know what happened to Cairns Cooking School. The website is still up but I saw a feature in Noosa Style magazine for Noosa Cooking School run by the same person.

Apparently it closed even before it opened and Ms Mazzella left town leaving a trail of unpaid debts behind her.

I have a gift voucher from cairns cooking school and it has been impossible to either book a class or a get a refund.

Does anybody have any information on this?

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