Monday, 8 November 2010

signature finale

The Taste Paradise signature dish competition reaches its finale this Saturday, November 13. The four finalists will cook-off at The Pier from 10am.  A panel of judges will declare  the winning dish that is the essence of Tropical North Queensland.

The first two finalists attrracted the most votes of more than two thousand submitted on the Taste Paradise website. A group of industry and tourism identity judges have selected their two finalist dishes that represents Taste Paradise. "The public tended to vote for their favourite restaurant or chef, the judges have looked at the ingredients of the other dishes." said Nola Craig.

There can be a fine line between a signature dish and a cliche so KS was pleased to see the proliferation of Barramundi entries excluded from the finalists. It is understood why it is so prominent on TNQ menus, however even Wikipedia will tell you it is not the finest table fish. KS has a theory that sportfish preferred by anglers will always gain a higher reputation than they deserve. What fisherman will not tell you so, and also be far more likely to consume his catch very fresh?

Kitchenslut also thinks that the Julaymba Journey tasting plate is sort of cheating in a way with a selection of different small dishes. I'm sure t's a wonderful culinary experience but seems to defeat the purpose of a 'signature dish' competition to KS?

Tropical Pan seared Tuna salad laced with a Mango vinaigrette, by Chriso the Personal Chef

Julaymba Journey, by Julaymba Restaurant at Daintree Eco Lodge

Tier of mud crab, mango and avocado, from Kewarra Beach Resort

Tempura bugs, green papaya salad, sweet chilli lemon myrtle dipping sauce, from Ochre Restaurant

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