Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Just not Sushi?

The Cairns Post has run a plea from prominent local Japanese chef, Sammy, to cut the mayo on the local sushi offerings. KS can only agree on some of the sushi offerings and particulary gave up on the mayo laden offerings from such as Sushi Train some time ago.


CBD Warrior said...

Anyone know why Sammy "threw in the knife" after being the longest restaurant owner in Cairns? He ran the most consistently reliable restaurant in the CBD, which always seemed busy. His foray at the Edge was a disaster because of the moron owners who wouldn't take operational advice from this experienced chef.

Dutchie said...

Personally, I thought the food at The Edge was of mediocre quality and overpriced. Give me Kampai any day!

michnruss said...

The sushi in Cairns is mediocre and over prices, I agree. Especially after eating in Osaka and Tokyo, where even the convience food is better quality than the sushi here!

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