Thursday, 6 January 2011

misty mungalli marketing mangle?

Misty Mountains dairy and milk have certainly taken off. So much so that Kitchenslut is wondering if this is not actually a monumental marketing backfire?

I love the creamy Misty milk, much to the angst of my GP as he analyses the latest Kitchenslut cholesterol blood analysis ..... and apparently so does everybody else ....the creamy Misty milk I mean! So much that my local IGA frequently runs out of Misty while Mungalli languishes on the shelves. I am actually finding reverting to Mungalli, when the Misty product runs short, unsatisfying so now don't. So I no longer buy the Mungalli product with the cheaper but superior Misty Mountains product prefered.

A get together with a friend tonight and other feedback has more than confirmed that this isn't just me. The question is whether this is a success or a monumental marketing stuff up where the previous premium Mungalli product has now been cannibalised by a cheaper superior product from the same people. At least I believe it's the same people mostly?

The similar cross range packaging and product is confusing and differentiation absent? My understanding is that Mungalli couldn't supply demand for their range of products within their biodynamic criteria? Apart from the exceptional quark, and the Misty yoghurts don't quite do it for me either but that's now an overcrowded market segment, i'm not sure there is much reason any longer to buy Mungalli products?

Will there be a complete review of product and marketing sometime?

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