Saturday, 12 February 2011

Darwin Day

The minds of many may be pondering romantic restaurant venues for Valentines Day, and aphrodisiacal food appropriate for a pre-coital dinner. However today is Darwin Day, which celebrates the birthday of Charles Darwin.

Darwin was apparently not averse to eating the species he studied, and his birthday is now celebrated with a phylum feast where the objective is to consume as many different species as possible. A good alternative for those who object to the commercialism of Valentines Day!?

Dining out on Valentines, packed in with flocks of other similarly cooing romantics, can appear akin to the experience of all those nesting birds on Michaelmas Cay?! Kitchenslut's recommendation for Valentines is to avoid dining out and take some inspiration from our previous post of how to cook naked for an evening of genuine shared debauchery with your lover!

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