Sunday, 24 April 2011

chocolate traditions

The egg was adopted by Christians as an Easter symbol of rebirth for the resurrection of Jesus. Somewhere in the last few hundred years the egg became chocolate. Chocolate became an Easter tradition.

"Chocolate: tasty, addictive, sexy ... and good for you" says this posting at The Conversation.  Apparently it's the flavanoids that provide chocolates healthy antioxidant and anti-inflammatory  capabilities. It can even be good for cholesterol and blood pressure. However chocaholics should be wary of this comment:

"Many of the studies showing how wonderful cocoa-derived flavanoids are have used very large doses of these chemicals that could never be garnered by regular chocolate eaters (at least without significant detriment to their waistlines), making the applicability of such science problematic."

We have many local chocolateers, although I haven't a clue how they stack up on genuine quality?

Oh ..... and if you couldn't wait until Easter Sunday to assuage your chocolate cravings with your symbolic rebirth chocolate eggs, then go to hell, go directly to hell, do not pass go! You need to suffer for your healthy addiction!

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