Monday, 4 April 2011

Kanpai - without the karaoke thanks

Kitchenslut has in the past been wary of Kanpai because of their promotion as a karaoke venue! As a general rule karaoke and good food should not be mixed in Kitchenslut's view. However there has previously been positive feedback on Kanpai and when it was suggested as a pre-theatre venue with the prestige of two (2) female accomplices all to himself how could anyone refuse?

Accomplice A, a regular diner, did the selecting with aplomb and a diverse selection including salmon sashimi, seafood and vegetable tempura, eel on cucumber, Tuna Natto - fermented soy beans with tuna & Agadashi tofu - benito flakes & special sauce. Not to forget the mentai rice bowl!

An impressively diverse selection of tastes and flavours. We got out at less than $100 between three including a drink each and ...... even made to the theatre on time easily ...... a very rare experience when seeking a decent pre-theatre dining experince in Cairns! So good to be able to look forward to a return visit!

P.S. Little Theatre fringe was also excellent night and exceptional value at $10 at the door and deserve congratulations!

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