Thursday, 21 April 2011

preserved lemons

Kitchenslut is a keen supporter of local produce, but only if the product deserves it. We do ourselves no favours by supporting products because they are local rather than because they are good. Don't start KS on Gallo cheese which he regards as over-hyped and over-priced, and a visit to the Epicurian Gold cheese cool room is preferable any day!

It was only last year that KS really became acquainted with preserved lemons after a Club Relish night at The Edge featuring Suzanne Quintner. KS still suspects the secret ingredient in the famous 'best pasta ever' at Salsa Bar was preserved limes. It isn't really very technical just the lemons, juice, heaps of salt and time. 

Anyway, this week KS picked up some preserved lemons at Il Convivo from the local Spicez people. Brilliant stuff. Many of the more commercial varieties of preserved lemons are diluted with water rather than the pure lemon juice in the Spicez product. The juice is deliciously syrupy!

KS has tonight enjoyed a tiger prawn linguine enhanced with Spicez preserved lemons cooked up in conjunction with the pasta fiend English Rose who also shared that 'best pasta ever' at Salsa! Disregard the basic packaging and buy!

Preserved lemon recipes: here, and here.


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