Friday, 22 April 2011

surcharge insanity?

A prominent commentator at the libertarian catallaxy files, who is eastering in Queensland, has posted under the heading "beautiful one day, closed the next". With an avalanche of public holidays now upon us this has drawn Kitchenslut's attention again to a little known quirk of our consumer law. A restaurant wanting to charge a public holiday surcharge is required by the ACCC to actually produce a separate menu with the new prices.

It is not enough to simply state on the menu, or tell the diner, that there is a 10% surcharge. Personally, I think this requirement is just a bit anal and unnecessary red tape and it's quite adequate to just properly inform of a 10% surcharge. That is not to make any comment at all on the appropriateness of surcharges and other issues raised at catallaxy on the regulated shopping and easter disruptions to Queensland life. I wonder how many Cairns restaurants will comply, or even surcharge, or indeed how many will be open on Good Friday and Anzac Day?

Those disruptions also extend to our anal liquor laws. No alcohol to be served unless with a meal on Good Friday, so just stay home and get sloshed instead. Kitchenslut has always been bemused by the alcohol restrictions on Anzac Day at the same time as they are swinging off the rafters down at the RSL.  These are the same liquor Nazi's who have banned two-up at the Red Beret on Anzac Day.

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