Thursday, 12 May 2011

a defence of sluttiness

Paul Frijters at Club Troppo has posted a defence of slutwalks currently happening around the place. Kitchenslut welcome the liberation of sluts of all kinds everywhere!

Hence, hurrah to both sluts and their walks. From a utilitarian standpoint there is nothing wrong with being a slut since having sex is a healthy and pleasurable experience for which, in the age of contraception, there is no good reason to have one rule for men and another for women. From an economic perspective, sending signals increases the flow of valuable information and hence lubricates exchange on the market for intimacy. I think that the slutwalkers are entirely correct about both the inappropriateness of blaming victims of sexual crimes for the way they dress, and about the general societal attitude about sluttiness.

For those wishing to indulge various sluttish habits at a discount Kitchenslut noted this entertainment book  offer this week. These are apparently made available through local charities and organisations.

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