Saturday, 28 May 2011

Filipino Cuisine

Kitchenslut was wandering around Rusty's on Friday and took the time to browse at the offerings of Filipino Fiesta stall. Always adventurous, and having survived and recovered from fried intestines in Sydney's Chinatown recently, KS could not resist trying something.

The most adventurous offering seemed to be the Dinuguan, a concoction of pork, pig's blood, garlic, chilli and vinegar. I can't say it was to my taste and doubt a repeat tasting is likely. Which isn't to say I wouldn't try some of their other food.

A reason for trying Filipino food was a post earlier this year at Club Troppo which asks "Why are there so few Filipino restaurants" relative to the Filipino population. This apparently also relates to the USA. The Troppo post has some interesting thoughts on the proliferation of ethnic cuisines.

A comment at Troppo suggests that the native Filipino cuisine is very peasant and their elite cuisines imported. KS contemplated the deep fried pork belly at Filipino Fiesta, but ruminated on recent OECD measures of wellbeing where Australia finished 4th on longevity behind Japan, Switzerland and Italy. I suspect Filipino longevity is somewhat less so maybe KS should stick to sushi (hold the mayo), or pasta with lashings of olive oil and salad, and leave the deep fried pork belly alone?

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Dutchie said...

I still haven't had the pleasure of eating anything particularly interesting at any of the Filipino places. I have tried most, if not all, of them, and find it basically bland, with too much potato in most dishes. But I'm always open to suggestions (in case there's a hidden gem somewhere I haven't found yet)...

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