Sunday, 8 May 2011

salmonella special sauce

Weekend browsing came across an interesting post at Autralian Regional Food. The modern food dilemma of how to cope with a refrigerator packed with half jars of exotic ingredients and condiments.

"We’re running out of room.  We’ll either have to purge our menus of exotic flavours, become wastrels who discard the unused portions or, as will probably happen, continue to blunder around trying to find things on the top shelf.  And as the leaning tower of pesto crashes to the floor, taking with it the mayonnaise and three half-used jars of marinated vegetables, we’ll mutter darkly about impractical packaging and silly fridge design."

The same could be said for cupboards filled with stale herbs and spices as recipes which require a long list of ingredients become impractical for the burgeoning number of home chefs without accumulating such a collection. Products such as the Spicez curry packs with the herbs and spices packaged for a single dish may seem expensive but are actually good value for these reasons. Kitchenslut can recommend the Spicez Sri Lankan seafood curry.

However, an alternative solution, I thnk suggested at a Club Relish night at The Edge last year, was to mix all those surplus remnant jars together as an experiment, and that the outcome could sometimes be a surprise. Indeed it could. Kitchennslut referred to this as 'salmonella special sauce'.

Note: The abovementioned Edge is now open at night for dinner with feedback awaited .......

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