Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lilypad stands out in Pond

Kitchenslut recently hosted his sibling, and for a time his nephew, who were off to explore our Far North waters on a diving expedition. The diving expedition with Mike Ball was a success for these recently inducted divers as was their experience in Cairns.

Contrary to popular myth blowing from the arse of a certain local Murdoch journalist, the food experience in Cairns is NOT behind comparable alternatives elsewhwere! Yes, you can find more bargains and gems and diversity in a big Capital City! That should be expected!

Kitchenslut's rellies are far more food savvy, world travelled, experienced, and sophisticated than himself. They found Cairns a great experience! There was no difference in their opinion in price or quality from Cairns to any comparable situation elsewhere. I agree!

While here we shared a Hanuman's dinner and sibling was more impressed than KS who still doesn't beieve this is a scratch on what it was when it opened. Kanpai Japanese in Shields impressed hugely and also managed to satisfy the appetite of Gen Y nephew who had flown in that evening. Lunch at 3.19 in Port Douglas has been featured in this months ABC Delicious Magazine.

Their visit coincided with the triathlon finale and much to my regret, as I hate the place, KS actually had a decent experience at Villa Romana with an Osso Bucco and polenta. It worked on a freezing night adjacent to the triathlon route. Also, a simple pea & ham soup at Mungalli Farm on a Tableland sojourn was perfect after a huge Lilypad brekkie!

Amongst all that their standouts was the breakfast at Lilypad on the left bank of Grafton St. Sibling was taken there morning after arrival and stunned by combination of quantity and quality was determined to take nephew there after he arrived. We returned to Lilypad after their diving expedition the morning before they departed. Nephew contemplated just how many eggs may have gone into the ommelette? Five he reckoned? What are their profit  margins? Who cares, just go there if you are HUNGRY!

Discovery was that the table at the back near the couunter, not the footpath, is among the best people watching venues in Cairns! Rellies have since provided a reference to other visitors and KS has been advised that Lilypad is indeed impressed that their word-of-mouth reputation has extended to Newcastle NSW.

Gold to Lilypad! A National champion! Coffee could be better?

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Dutchie said...

KS you know I have always loved Lilypad, and am still hoping for it to open at night again some time. Was recently pleasantly surprised at Bellocale on Shields Street. Normally I don't care much for Italian style cuisine, but I really enjoyed the food there.

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