Saturday, 23 July 2011

Show Day Surcharge

Kitchenslut has previously posted on the little known requirement of the ACCC for restaurants to provide a completely new menu if they wish to impose a surcharge for public holidays or Sundays. Simply notifying that there will be a percentage surcharge is not adequate for the ACCC and the actual prices must be displayed.

So it was interesting wandering home last night to see Villa Romana with their menu display taped over and imposing a hefty 15% surcharge for Show Day! There were also some quite expensive items posted on specials blackboard.

Right next to that Casa De Meze were prominently displaying "No Surcharge Upstairs" on their street sandwhich board. Apology for the poor quality of my iPhone snaps while scuttling past with a bottle of shiraz in search of the warmth of home to escape a rather chilly evening!

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