Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Too many Indians not enough Cowboys?

Kitchenslut is bemusedly scratching his head on the proliferation of Indian restaurants around Cairns. Here we were thinking there was a Chinese invasion imminent, but it's Indians from corner to corner. There is a new Indian currently being fitted out on The Esplanade (where Michelangelos was).

Following a rebranding as the Bollywood Kitchen on Shields St, the Tandoori Oven has relocated to Spence just a door away from Marinades. A count of CBD Indians: Marinades; Tandoori Oven; Bollywood Kitchen; Royal India; Mother India; Spicey Bites x 2, as well as the imminent Taj on The Esplanade.

While Kitchenslut lurves a good Indian far and away our most prominent ethnic cuisine?

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Mr Grumpy said...

Another one coming at Harbour Lights as well

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