Wednesday, 24 August 2011

awards season roundup

It must be the season for those often controversial awards with Gourmet Traveller gongs for 2012 now out. Only nine Queensland establishments made the top 100 with Nu Nu representing the Far North at #73. Perhaps some places in Port Douglas would like to challenge the ranking of NuNu as the leading restaurant in the Far North? The only other Qld restaurants outside Brisbane were at Noosa and Surfers Paradise?

Also, the Restaurant and Catering Awards for the Far North were announced last week. These caused a stir last year when somehow Hayman Island managed to be included in the region. The classifications are also always a bit curious here.

The award to M Yogo in the 'European' category is curious as my impression is that this place has faded from its early reputation. In terms of its Europeanness KS usually refers to M Yogo as the "Iron Chef French"?

It is always pleasing to see Bayleaf Balinese get recognition. KS agrees that Tha Fish is probably the best seafood place in Cairns so it was interesting to see it triumph over the Port Douglas challengers.

Meanwhile the curiosity of these awards down in Townsville was the proliferation of Coffee Club franchises in the cafe and coffee shop sections! Are they serious? If they had a 'European' category perhaps the winner would be Pizza Hut? The Far North can celebrate our clear superiority in the art of life!

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