Thursday, 18 August 2011

Fratelli's at Trinity Beach

There is often some interesting stuff at fnqhome and he has recently posted on a breakfast at Fratelli's which, with permission, is posted below. Fratelli's is on Vasey Esplanade at Trinity Beach where the domes are, opposite the stinger net, which has always been one of the more idiosyncratic properties in the Far North (ie: What the f***'s this place even still doing here?). The restaurant at the front has now been renovated to be more modernly interactive with the street and beach (photo coming). This is more of the style we need.

The Trinity Beach dining precinct has evolved and expanded in an interesting way compared to it's more flamboyant and pretentious sister up the road at Palm Cove. Back from Vasey Esplanade places such as Blue Moon Cafe and Lime Tree also seem to be popular with a local clientele.

Breakfast at Fratelli’s

Date posted: Sunday 14 August 2011

After a bit of a sleep in this morning, I wandered around to Fratelli’s on Trinity for breakfast. It has moved into the what used to be the Atlantis, beside the white domes at Trinity Beach. I’ve been meaning to try them for a while, but hadn’t until now. The owners are apparently the original owners of Lunico, the pasta restaurant a little further up the beach. The renovations have resulted in a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s brighter, more open, and much more what I like in a cafe/restaurant. The music was almost right, but needed to be just a little more chilled.

After crashing at a front row table with views out to Yorkeys Knob and Cape Grafton beyond, I gazed at the breakfast menu and my eyes settled, as they usually do, on eggs benedict. I’m used to a choice between salmon, bacon or ham, but this morning in place of ham there was prosciutto. Hmmm… Should I go for bacon as usual, or try prosciutto? I expressed my indecision to the waitress, who told me I should try something different and go for the prosciutto. I accepted her recommendation.

Breakfast arrived – toast with wilted spinach, two slices of prosciutto, two eggs and lime-infused hollandaise sauce. I quickly realised that the waitress’s advice had been sound. I think bacon might have overpowered the sauce, the citrus note of which was delicious. It went beautifully with the prosciutto. The eggs were poached perfectly, and the whole thing was just about perfect. I could have eaten another quite easily, though I knew I shouldn’t.

So, the verdict has to be positive. Good, quick service. A great location with perfect views. Food that was excellent. I’ll be back.And so I’m now crashed on the rocks at the southern end of Trinity Beach, satiated and relaxed under blue skies with a Jon Sa Trincha mix starting up on the laptop as I type. Life is tough in the tropics.

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