Sunday, 21 August 2011

taste of palm cove

Kitchenslut has been a critic of this years Cairns Festival lineup and particularly the quite 'skinny' program of food related events. Taste of Palm Cove is pretty much the only food event of any substance and it's outstanding success this year demonstrated there is plenty of interest out there.

Last years Taste was a perfect sunny beach day and while there was a contingent there for the event it was mostly beachgoers who joined the queue outside NuNu for a taste of red curry bbq pork for lunch. This year the sun was out, the wind kept any wildlife away from the beach, a convenient park was not easy to find and the street was busy with queues at street stalls, and restaurants full of people there for the food itself.

Kitchenslut tried the red emperor miang wrapped in betel leaf from Nu Nu to try and get some ideas for his own prolific crop of betel leaf. Still not quite as good as the prawn miang were previously at the lamented *sob*, now departed Lemonade Tree. Clare Richardson refers to betel leaf  as wild pepper leaf in her book, Tropical Cuisine.

After some barramundi & whitebait balls Kitchenslut decided to avoid the queue for the spit roast pork and wandered down to Chill Cafe to fill up on a burger. The feedback from the bbq burger flipper at Chill was very positive and even some surprise at the high turnout. A very positive event and congratulations to the people at Palm Cove.

The same can't be said for that evenings festival parade with the change to a Sunday a flop in the opinion of KS despite the media reports. The crowd appeared to be down from observation and feedback to KS, and an earlier daylight parade has about as much pizazz as a boy scout jamboree.  

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