Sunday, 25 September 2011

What sex is your vegetable?

Kitchenslut was enjoying a pleasant morning in his sunfilled garden browsing through the Sunday Mail magazine and paused at the weeks contribution from celebrity chef Matt Moran. This weeks topic was fennel, which is also Kitchenslut's fave vegetable!

However, in our increasingly diverse food world an additional element was added, in that Kitchenslut now needs to consider the sex of his fennel?

"the rounder fatter bulbs are male, whereas the flatter, thinner bulbs are female"

Apparently one should "braise, roast, or grill the male" while:

"females are best used raw, shaved into salads"

Kitchenslut will resist metaphorical comparison of species, and the superiority or otherwise of the raw and shaved female ....... but had not previously been confronted with this in regard to his vegetables! Certainly when it comes to pork, sex is important apparently. Walk into Marsh butchers at Stratford and their prime offering of local Tableland pork is specifically labeled female.

Some research does throw up some links to validate the superior flavour of female pork ...... and who is Kitchenslut to disagree? However, as previously posted, what happens to the boys? I presume they end up in Marsh's excellent chipolata sausages which are destined for a place here on the top ten local products list.

One wonders how long before Woolworths and Coles will label their meat and vegetables by sex?

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Kitchenslut's soul mate?

Has Kitchenslut found a soulmate? Culinary flirtations of the food kind can be found at the blog of foodvixen.


Monday, 19 September 2011

Top Ten Local Food Products #1

Polenta has always been a problem for Kitchenslut. Polenta? Well, yes, if you look through food history Polenta is supposedly as prominent in Northern Italy as is pasta in the south? Yet it's so obscure despite some excellent Polenta products now being available in the aisles of the evil empire Woolies and Coles!

So what doe that have to do with local food? Well, Kitchenslut has never been able to make Polenta even remotely appetising unless produced with a full cream milk. Actually, the best Polenta dining experience was at the loathed Villa Romana which was obviously packed with cream.

The Misty Mountains full cream jersey product is PERFECT! Yes, PERFECT. A clearly superior product to the traditional Mungalli, provided your GP can tolerate your cholesterol level. I prefer to use the top of a new creamy bottle in my Polenta.

First of a series ..... how to make the best of the best we have ....... and why it is even  more the very best when combined with the best from elsewhere beyond any traditional constraints?!?

Misty Mountains full cream jersey milk #1 local food product which can even make polenta something unreal ......or at least better than mashed spuds!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Nigella Talks Dirty

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Just another bad menu selection?

Kitchenslut returned to Havana Music Cafe in Lake St at the weekend. My previous comment on this was negative while all around on that night seemed enraptured. Sorry, but my initial concern with the food was only confirmed.

It's not that the food is bad but rather just very ordinary and poor value! KS went along with his visiting niece who tends to be adventurous and likes spicey food but as a maturing Gen Y palate perhaps not too hot. The food we were served was just hot but without any real flavour.

Both dishes came with a mound of ordinary boiled rice and flat bread, as though more carbohydrate was needed? The actual meal aside this was ..... ummm ..... let's say conservative? My Haitian Fish stew was a brownish flavourless hot concoction of no distinction. OK that was a bit too much hyperbole but it wasn't worth a quality restaurant experience. A far cry from my exceptional Mr Jerk Carribean experience in London a few years back!

Let's face a few facts on Havana Bar. It's a great concept and is doing well it seems. It draws a prominent local crowd of identities who I can only presume are there for the excellent music ambience and not the food, at least in my humble opinion?

Monday, 5 September 2011

Kitchenslut root vegetable award 2011

Sauntering into Port Douglas markets on Sunday Kitchenslut's eye was caught by a flash of colour some distance away. Attracted like a moth to a light KS was mightily impressed to discover the most impressive display of carrots he can recall. Not that there are any other displays of carrots that Kitchenslut can recall given that memorable displays of such vegetables are rare.

The bright orange carrots with verdant green tops were a beacon even on a dull overcast day. Alongside were ravishing red radishes separated from the carrots by a strip of deep purple beetroot combining in an impressively expressive display of colour. They even made our tropical pineapple look so boringly colourless.

Presentation is important in retail and other stallholders should take note! The inaugural winner of the prestigious Kitchenslut Root Vegetable Award 2011.

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