Monday, 5 September 2011

Kitchenslut root vegetable award 2011

Sauntering into Port Douglas markets on Sunday Kitchenslut's eye was caught by a flash of colour some distance away. Attracted like a moth to a light KS was mightily impressed to discover the most impressive display of carrots he can recall. Not that there are any other displays of carrots that Kitchenslut can recall given that memorable displays of such vegetables are rare.

The bright orange carrots with verdant green tops were a beacon even on a dull overcast day. Alongside were ravishing red radishes separated from the carrots by a strip of deep purple beetroot combining in an impressively expressive display of colour. They even made our tropical pineapple look so boringly colourless.

Presentation is important in retail and other stallholders should take note! The inaugural winner of the prestigious Kitchenslut Root Vegetable Award 2011.

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Chuckie said...

That is indeed THE most impressive cluster of carrots I've ever seen!!! nb. is a big bunch of carrots a cluster??

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