Sunday, 25 September 2011

What sex is your vegetable?

Kitchenslut was enjoying a pleasant morning in his sunfilled garden browsing through the Sunday Mail magazine and paused at the weeks contribution from celebrity chef Matt Moran. This weeks topic was fennel, which is also Kitchenslut's fave vegetable!

However, in our increasingly diverse food world an additional element was added, in that Kitchenslut now needs to consider the sex of his fennel?

"the rounder fatter bulbs are male, whereas the flatter, thinner bulbs are female"

Apparently one should "braise, roast, or grill the male" while:

"females are best used raw, shaved into salads"

Kitchenslut will resist metaphorical comparison of species, and the superiority or otherwise of the raw and shaved female ....... but had not previously been confronted with this in regard to his vegetables! Certainly when it comes to pork, sex is important apparently. Walk into Marsh butchers at Stratford and their prime offering of local Tableland pork is specifically labeled female.

Some research does throw up some links to validate the superior flavour of female pork ...... and who is Kitchenslut to disagree? However, as previously posted, what happens to the boys? I presume they end up in Marsh's excellent chipolata sausages which are destined for a place here on the top ten local products list.

One wonders how long before Woolworths and Coles will label their meat and vegetables by sex?

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