Monday, 19 September 2011

Top Ten Local Food Products #1

Polenta has always been a problem for Kitchenslut. Polenta? Well, yes, if you look through food history Polenta is supposedly as prominent in Northern Italy as is pasta in the south? Yet it's so obscure despite some excellent Polenta products now being available in the aisles of the evil empire Woolies and Coles!

So what doe that have to do with local food? Well, Kitchenslut has never been able to make Polenta even remotely appetising unless produced with a full cream milk. Actually, the best Polenta dining experience was at the loathed Villa Romana which was obviously packed with cream.

The Misty Mountains full cream jersey product is PERFECT! Yes, PERFECT. A clearly superior product to the traditional Mungalli, provided your GP can tolerate your cholesterol level. I prefer to use the top of a new creamy bottle in my Polenta.

First of a series ..... how to make the best of the best we have ....... and why it is even  more the very best when combined with the best from elsewhere beyond any traditional constraints?!?

Misty Mountains full cream jersey milk #1 local food product which can even make polenta something unreal ......or at least better than mashed spuds!

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