Saturday, 29 October 2011

What food is most stolen?

 Will Type For Food says that it is cheese!?

Who filched the fetta
Creamed the cream cheese from the shelf,
Who's on the lam with Edam,
Added parma to their pelf?

Who wangled all the Singles,
Put their finger in the Swiss,
Took a motza Mozzarella
Ere we knew what was amiss?

Who touched the Dutch,
Took the camemberts and bries,
Lock, stock and bocconcini
Without so much as please?

There's a lack amongst the lactose
Now the Gorgonzola's gone,
Some rotter took Ricotta
And the Philly's all forlorn -

Who took the cheese?
What could have caused this crime?
Can we put it down to culture,
Or was it just - enzyme?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Loose Change

Kitchenslut is for various reasons being socially quiet at the moment. You are welcome to visit me at Loose Change, from my reclusive desk overlooking the Esplanade,  for divergent economic opinions currently unpopular with the masses!

Friday, 7 October 2011

A weekend at Bernies?

Following our contested commentary on Havana Music Cafe another small venue has opened with a music theme. Bernie's Jazz Piano Cafe is on Abbott St next to the Jelly Babies, where once was the Lemonade Tree.

This hasn't been a succesful site recently despite in a sense being an intimate venue not far from the Esplanade cattle yard. The previous incarnation as Andre's didn't last long but they did do a makeover in a red colour theme which remains ..... so Bernies haven't had to splash too much on renovations.

Kitchenslut wandered past last night while staggering home but didn't linger to check it further. There is a piano in the street window and they did have a few patrons, having only opened last weekend. They don't have any footpath tables as in the past at this venue, and a suggestion would be that maybe they could consider something outside to attract attention?

The menu seems mainly focused on smaller tapas style to suit the venue. A small selection of mains seemed almost superfluous and quite boring. Time will tell ..........

Note: due to ongoing technical difficulties have been unable to upload photo  :-/ 

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