Monday, 12 December 2011

Fish Market

A seafood outlet in the CBD is welcome with the opening of a Fish Market at Rusty's, at the previous location of Brumby's bread. Hopefully it will provide more interesting diversity and range beyond the fruit & veg.

Kitchenslut will be keen to monitor prices between outlets as gennerally the seafood places on Sheridan St are a few dollars a kg above those on the other side of town in Portsmith for most product. This new store is operated by Cairns Ocean Products.

I thought the range and display of the new Fish Market could have been more exciting being mostly predominated by prawns and standard offerings, although there was some sun-dried mullet roe. I guess that goes with the culture and the season.

Admittedly our steamy climate makes display of seafood, meat and chicken products more difficult for European market style presentation but the display below from London's Borough market is more in the Kitchenslut style of market theatre.

Kitchenslut recently posted on the exceptional carrot display at Port Douglas market. 


Arthur said...

well, i'll got down and have a gander, but I won't be holding my breath. I rarely buy fish here. It's usually pretty ordinary no matter where you go. Thank heavens for the family fishing rods and rodesses!

Anonymous said...

Where can u get some sashimi grade salmon in cairns?

KitchenSlut said...

I would try ISP in Portsmith

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