Saturday, 31 December 2011

Le Crouton Boulangerie

Le Crouton boulangerie has been a hit with locals out at Freshwater who no longer have to travel all the way to Stratford for a quality cafe experience. Le Crouton attracted the attention of Kitchenslut earlier in the year when they had a Rusty's stall for a few weeks before moving in to permanent residence out at Freshwater.

The most likely cause of disappointment on subsequent visits has been if they have sold out of some products. However, after an early visit Kitchensluts official carbohydrate taster gave the brioche a thumbs up. A visit this Saturday morning for a garlic bread baguette saw all tables occupied and a queue inside for the bakery ..... oops ..... boulangerie.

The Freshwater Village shops have been refreshed and lifted by Le Crouton and a thriving business is good to see.

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Dorothy Ryan said...

"All the way to Stratford" is 2 kms south. However I do agree Le Crouton is wonderful, if a big South Yarra/Toorakish.

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