Saturday, 3 December 2011

Epicuriously resolving the potato glut dilemma

The past week has seen reports of a potato glut with catastrophic economic consequences for tableland potato growers contemplating whether to bother harvesting or plough the crop back in. Kitchenslut's first reaction was that this was, in a sense, equally unfortunate for the consumer.

I mean, if we are going to have a glut of something, why potatoes? If there is to be a glut why can't it be of something more interesting, such as fennel. Kitchenslut is partial to a fennel bulb and at $2.50 each, a glut of fennel bulbs would be far more appreciated.

But the potato? It's not like they are expensive anyway so increasing consumption of potatoes is unlikely to create huge savings in the family budget! The ubiquitous chip has become a blight on culinary progress!

In an endeavour to resolve this dilemma Kitchenslut decided to google up a few more interesting spud recipes from our celebrity chefs. Kitchenslut's personal speciality is duck fat kipfler potatoes, however there didn't seem to be a glut of kipflers down at Rusty's?

Matt Moran: Potato gnocchi with clams and chives 
Ah yes, gnocchi would seem to me to be possibly the best epicurean response to a potato glut of commodity standard spuds! And it can be frozen! As recently posted the NZ clams are now becoming available although perhaps Queensland scallops could be substituted.

Jamie Olver: The perfect potato gratin
The curiosity of this recipe is that it requires a combination of semi-skimmed milk and double cream which seems somewhat contrary? Disregarding that it does provide an opportunity for combine the potatoes with local dairy produce! Question? My preference is Misty Mountains but why do they market their cream only in a 2 litre bottle? Is that because there is a glut of 2 litre bottles? 

Neil Perry: Warm potato salad
This recipe requires a mixture of Bison, King Edward and Nicolas potatoes. Which may be a problem as the local potatoes at Rusty's are sort of just generically local of no specific variety? 

Rick Stein: Fennel sausages braised with lemony potatoes and bay leaves
I had to include this because of the fennel.

However, as always the place to go when searching for innovative ideas to make something ordinary into something beyond the ordinary .......

Iron Chef: New potato battle.

Season 1 Episode 14

Challenger -- (6):
Sauteed Potatoes with Sea Urchin Sauce
Potato Balls Consomme Soup
Potato Salad
Creamy Merry Curry
Stewed Beef & Potatoes
Vanilla Ice Cream with Potato Skin, Maple Syrup and Cinnamon

Iron Chef -- (5)
Hot & Spicy Beef and Potatoes
Potato & Chicken Stew
Sauteed Potatos French-style Lobster Sauce
Fried Whole Potatoes
Potato Dessert

Winner: Iron Chef Chen

Warning: Excessive carbohydrate consumption can be a health hazard and Kitchenslut accepts no responsibility for such consumption.



As predicted by the Hillbilly Watcher, I note the stupid fucking banana farmers, given the opportunity to stagger their crops to get maximum prices year round, have again done the wrong thing. These people have the intellect of a bag of hammers. Twice they've had the opportunity to fix up their business, and twice they screwed the pooch.

Time to open the market to banana imports, and stop getting screwed by these morons.

Anonymous said...

you should wake up to yourself. you obviously don't have much knowledge no the subject if that's your solution. importing more and ruining our industries locally gr pure idiocy and your solution would have far reaching consequences beyond what you have thought of.we all should ad buying locally and ensuring some sort of future for this country.

Arthur said...

farmers use cheap foreign labor (and some of it is illegal, going by recent prosecutions a bit further south of Cairns) in preference to locals, so why shouldn't we buy cheap foreign bananas?

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