Wednesday, 29 June 2011

First House Pho

Kitchenslut can't claim expertise with Vietnamese cuisine but had heard some whispers about good, genuine Vietnamese at First House Pho in Spence St. After a  recent visit with a charming accomplice this coiuld even be a sleeper candidate for best ethnic cuisine restaurant in Cairns.

It's a quirky, friendly, family run place where the chef (dad) may even wander out for a chat and discussion on the food when things get quiet. It has an extensive menu but on the night we were there a few dishes were not available but that's somehow part of the quirky charm. Just ask the waiter (son) what the do have that day that's good. The chef recommended his double flavour chicken but he needs a days notice. Order more than you want and they will happily look after the leftovers as takeaway for you.

KS will have to confirm the details of the evenings degustation from their menu and anticipates a return visit could see it added to the faves list.

First House Pho is where the Hare Krishna place was previously. In true Asian family work ethic style it is open 7 days, lunch and dinner. A good Vietnamese in town is a pleasure to have so let's hope it sticks about.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Crocodile Bite

Kitchenslut was contemplating things Chinese while casting an eye over the menu outside the Golden Boat restaurant in Lake St. What caught his eye was the pricing structure and most particularly the crocodile.

Salt & Pepper Crocodile Meat at $52.90? This price doesn't seem to relate to Kitchenslut's rather ordinary previous culinary experiences with crocodile or the price of the meat? Duck dishes at Golden Boat are $20.50, scallops $25.90, and the top priced lobster tail at $63.80.

Perhaps the pricing is more related to Chinese cultural factors with crocodile apparently having some reputation as an aphrodisiac? Kitchenslut has previously had some positive feedback on the Yum Cha at Golden Boat but doubts he will be venturing within for a crocodile bite!

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