Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Yet another round of restaurant awards

With the year barely a few days old the Australian Good Food & Travel Guide has jumped in with their 2012 restaurant awards. Their chef hat awards were handed out to 517 restaurants around Australia. Queensland is generally also well represented with 104 restaurants compared to Victoria (117) and NSW (133). 

The Far North has 13 restaurants awarded, with ix of those in Port Douglas, which is quite a strong showing when compared with  the Gold Coast (18) and Sunshine Coast (16). That places us among the leaders in regional dining with most restaurants awarded concentrated in the Capitals.

The list of Far North winners includes: NuNu, M Yogo, Salsa, Tamarind, Sassi's Cantina, Bistro 3, Bucci, Harrisons, Zinc. Which, if you can count only adds up to 9? Strangely the list on the agfg website seems to have now changed and some that were on the list are no longer there: Cest Bon, Reef House, Bale, and Cafe China.

Kitchenslut has sent a query to agfg and will await a response?

Update: Response from AGFG: 
Thank you for your enquiry regarding our 2012 awards.
We noticed that there was a glitch in our system regarding some of the award winner and we have rectified the situation as of yesterday.
What you will see currently on our website are the accurate and correct awards.
The current display is the 9 listed above. Well at least that is still ahead of Townsville with only three!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rainforest Bounty

The Rainforest Bounty cooking school program for 2012 kicks off this weekend with a middle eastern theme.
The day begins with a delicious home baked morning tea accompanied by locally produced tea, coffee and juices. We then don gumboots and commence foraging in the orchards and garden for seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs. Other ingredients are sourced from local organic farmers and markets. Once harvesting is complete, we commence cooking in the modern kitchen to prepare a seasonal feast. 5-6 dishes are usually prepared and the day will culminate with lunch including premium wines and ales.
Funghi, and particularly straw mushrooms, are best to be avoided while foraging following the recent poisoning incident in Canberra. The Rainforest Bounty people however are experts at their rainforest foraging so your survival can be assured.

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