Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rainforest Bounty

The Rainforest Bounty cooking school program for 2012 kicks off this weekend with a middle eastern theme.
The day begins with a delicious home baked morning tea accompanied by locally produced tea, coffee and juices. We then don gumboots and commence foraging in the orchards and garden for seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs. Other ingredients are sourced from local organic farmers and markets. Once harvesting is complete, we commence cooking in the modern kitchen to prepare a seasonal feast. 5-6 dishes are usually prepared and the day will culminate with lunch including premium wines and ales.
Funghi, and particularly straw mushrooms, are best to be avoided while foraging following the recent poisoning incident in Canberra. The Rainforest Bounty people however are experts at their rainforest foraging so your survival can be assured.

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