Thursday, 8 March 2012

2012 discount deals

A quick note on a couple of offers currently available.

The Entertainment Book for 2012 is now available online and can usually be purchased also through charities such as the Cancer Council.  This offers a number of discount deals at restaurants in North Queensland.

Also, the Table 52 cards have returned again this year with two for one main meals.

As previously discovered with such locals deals if the place changes ownership there is no guarantee the discount will be honoured.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mrs Beetons Book of Household Management

It is true, says Liebig, that thousands have lived without a knowledge of tea and coffee; and daily experience teaches us that, under certain circumstances, they may be dispensed with without disadvantage to the merely animal functions; but it is an error, certainly, to conclude from this that they may be altogether dispensed with in reference to their effects; and it is a question whether, if we had no tea and no coffee, the popular instinct would not seek for and discover the means of replacing them. Science, which accuses us of so much in these respects, will have, in the first place, to ascertain whether it depends on sensual and sinful inclinations merely, that every people of the globe have appropriated some such means of acting on the nervous life, from the shore of the Pacific, where the Indian retires from life for days in order to enjoy the bliss of intoxication with koko, to the Arctic regions, where Kamtschatdales and Koriakes prepare an intoxicating beverage from a poisonous mushroom. We think it, on the contrary, highly probable, not to say certain, that the instinct of man, feeling certain blanks, certain wants of the intensified life of our times, which cannot be satisfied or filled up by mere quantity, has discovered, in these products of vegetable life the true means of giving to his food the desired and necessary quality.
- The Dictionary of Victorian London

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