Saturday, 19 May 2012

Return of the Star Apple

A while ago now Kitchenslut was a sad attendee at the final night of A Lemonade Tree, hosted by Ray and Arpid. This delightful small Asian influenced restaurant was next to the jelly babies (now the jazz music bar). Despite a low profile this was one of the best places in town!

Wandering around today KS bumped into Ray and Arpid who are now back in town and have re-opened the Star Apple at Golden Sands resort in Yorkey's, which was their initial restaurant location in Cairns some years ago. A return visit is not required for an immediate place in my top ten, but will get there when I can ......

Star Apple at Golden Sands, Yorkey's Knob

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CBD Tarzan said...

I wondered where they had gone.
Had a couple of great meals and fun times 1183 myself.
I loved the syreene cup light shades very imaginative and tastefull just like the food.
Thanks for the info Kslut.
I'll make my way over to Yorkies for a feed ASAP.

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