Thursday, 12 December 2013

A letter to Woolworths

Dear Woolworths,

I recently returned to FNQ after an absence from my home and discovered that my old and much loved coffee machine had succumbed to humidity and the thermostat become dysfunctional.

I visited your store nearest me but alas couldn't find even an interim replacement coffee plunger. Never mind who could possibly resist a half price $49 coffee capsule machine? Not me!

Sadly, the coffee it produces from Woolworths Select capsules is bitter nasty shit! What, do you think this is the USA or something when it comes to coffee?

Can you advise an appropriate disposal method for the machine and are the capsules designed for any alternative use? Veterinary suppositories perhaps?

Best regards,

Sunday, 15 September 2013

I love awards o_O

The 2013 Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering Awards for Excellence were announced last week with the major award winners in Northern Queensland:

WINNER – Salsa Bar & Grill, PORT DOUGLAS


WINNER - Port Douglas Catering & Events, PORT DOUGLAS



M Yogo is really restaurant of the year? Not sure it is quite what it was some years ago when it kicked off and The Pier is looking a bit sad these days with closure of nearby Pesci's and Boardwalk Café!

With such a substantial amount of high profile restaurant space empty I went for a look last week to see if the obscure Japanese Oooh Cha Cha was still there. Wander up the stairs overlooking the stripped interior of the defunct Blue Sky and on the bland mezzanine level it is still going even in such a location! Must be doing something right?


Friday, 28 June 2013

Red tape unravels on Spence St

Kitchenslut has posted a couple of times on the requirement of the ACCC that if a restaurant wishes to impose a public holiday surcharge it should issue an entire new menu with adjusted prices. A simple statement of a surcharge of 10% or whatever did not suffice.

It was apparent that this was often abused but anyway. This week the Assistant Treasurer acted on 'red tape':
Cutting red tape for restaurants and cafés
Restaurant and café owners will face less red tape after the passage of new legislation through Parliament today, said Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury.
The amendments to the Australian Consumer Law will mean that small businesses in the restaurant and café sector no longer need to provide a separate menu for days when they choose to apply a surcharge, such as on public holidays and weekends.
"Restaurants and cafes are a valuable part of the Australian economy, so it is important that these businesses are not subject to any unnecessary regulatory burden," said Mr Bradbury.
"These amendments will cut red tape for small business, enabling many venues that are open on weekends and public holidays to go about their business without fear of accidentally falling foul of the law."
27 June 2013
I must say I do agree with this change the previous requirements were excessive and unnecessary. However this week also I wandered past a new restaurant in Spence St and next to the window menu, with included prices, was this statement:
"Prices subject to change without notice" 
I do hope they notify changes before one orders? Note to small business: if you object to regulation then best to think, do the right thing, and communicate appropriately in the first place!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ukulele Interlude

Kitchenslut has been reminded that the annual Cairns Ukulele Festival is getting closer and that this years world record attempt for the most ukulele players simultaneously playing the same song  will require participants to learn three (3) chords for a rendition of Waltzing Matilda:

Now KS has always been more partial to the Queensland version which is also more faithful to the original Banjo Patterson lyrics as performed by The Seekers. However this indigenously inspired version of the traditional melody is rather good: Waltjim Bat Matilda

However this version would require a few baas as well as three chords!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bagus Cafe

Kitchenslut has rarely failed to be underwhelmed by the café at nearby Muddy's playground. A better alternative may be to negotiate the route through the back gate and over the bike path to the hole-in-the-wall at the Caravella Backpackers now known as Bagus Café.

Apart from the typical backpacker breakfast offerings Bagus also has a cheap and cheerful selection of Asian dishes including: Nasi Goreng, Mi Goreng; Spicy fried chicken & rice; Indonesian beef rending curry & rice; Spicy beef, cheese & cucumber baguette.

Prices from these range from $6.50 to $7.50 and one can dine in at a robust plastic table on the footpath or take away. The cuisine has just enough heat to deter the kiddies. Kitchenslut no longer has to walk all the way to Rusty's for a samosa fix!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Snake dreaming?

The Year of the Snake is now upon us! Kitchenslut exited his reclusive CBD hovel and wandered down rather late at about 7pm to the Grafton St Chinese New Year event.

Now, I do think it was a good idea to move this from Fogarty Park to a street event around the original Cairns Chinatown and now cafe strip. Perhaps I was spoiled by a Chinese New Year in Sydney's Chinatown a few years ago ....... with an excellent dinner at the BBQ King  ..... and I do know we shouldn't compare the two ..... and perhaps I am expecting too much too soon but ......

Well, there weren't really many Chinese except on a stage which was not particularly well set up or accessible?  However, most curious was the food! Stalls with Italian cannelloni and German bratwurst predominated ...... and chips! The Chinese food stall seemed to be supplying prawn crackers and spring rolls in brown paper bags! Wow!

The CBD was quite vibrant for the occassion but? It reminded me of the similar hype surrounding the CBD revival event along this strip which was basically just lots of Zinc FM flags and a couple bits of tacky fake grass! Who was that again?

It could have been the same person who facebooked this week a Chinese New Year kickoff at the Golden Boat restaurant. Could this also be the same person who posted a scathing criticism of the Golden Boat just a few years ago when a professional (sic) journalist: Kamikaze Parrot sinks Golden Boat?

There wasn't even a decent double prosperity burger on offer at Maccas: McDonalds Double Prosperity Burger

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