Sunday, 10 February 2013

Snake dreaming?

The Year of the Snake is now upon us! Kitchenslut exited his reclusive CBD hovel and wandered down rather late at about 7pm to the Grafton St Chinese New Year event.

Now, I do think it was a good idea to move this from Fogarty Park to a street event around the original Cairns Chinatown and now cafe strip. Perhaps I was spoiled by a Chinese New Year in Sydney's Chinatown a few years ago ....... with an excellent dinner at the BBQ King  ..... and I do know we shouldn't compare the two ..... and perhaps I am expecting too much too soon but ......

Well, there weren't really many Chinese except on a stage which was not particularly well set up or accessible?  However, most curious was the food! Stalls with Italian cannelloni and German bratwurst predominated ...... and chips! The Chinese food stall seemed to be supplying prawn crackers and spring rolls in brown paper bags! Wow!

The CBD was quite vibrant for the occassion but? It reminded me of the similar hype surrounding the CBD revival event along this strip which was basically just lots of Zinc FM flags and a couple bits of tacky fake grass! Who was that again?

It could have been the same person who facebooked this week a Chinese New Year kickoff at the Golden Boat restaurant. Could this also be the same person who posted a scathing criticism of the Golden Boat just a few years ago when a professional (sic) journalist: Kamikaze Parrot sinks Golden Boat?

There wasn't even a decent double prosperity burger on offer at Maccas: McDonalds Double Prosperity Burger

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