Friday, 10 January 2014

Uneatable food on Esplanade?

Kitchenslut has always been a fan of Japanese food art in the traditional plastic display food menu form. Sadly, when I stayed in Asakura (Tokyo) a few years ago I missed an opportunity to visit the nearby centre of this vibrant industry.

The Ibiza Beach Bar on the Esplanade strip has this week taken a different strategy to display real food on the footpath to attract hungry breakfasters:

The lovely Asian waitress was somewhat perturbed that I found this amusing enough to photograph. It was suggested the word "uneatable" attached to their food display may not convey their intended message? At least with a plastic food display this does not have to be qualified?
I'm sure their food is likely quite edible and worth a try and at least an innovative approach although perhaps they should check relevant regulations!?

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Breaking: Local food discovered at Rusty's on a Saturday!

Gavin King  - this morning we actually asked one of the long serving stall holders (a local FNQ farmer) how many councillors shopped at Rusty's on Friday mornings, which is the only time you can get locally farmed produce and often a time when parking is at its worst.

This stall has apparently breached convention by selling locally farmed produce at Rusty's on a Saturday! What? There were others??

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