Friday, 10 January 2014

Uneatable food on Esplanade?

Kitchenslut has always been a fan of Japanese food art in the traditional plastic display food menu form. Sadly, when I stayed in Asakura (Tokyo) a few years ago I missed an opportunity to visit the nearby centre of this vibrant industry.

The Ibiza Beach Bar on the Esplanade strip has this week taken a different strategy to display real food on the footpath to attract hungry breakfasters:

The lovely Asian waitress was somewhat perturbed that I found this amusing enough to photograph. It was suggested the word "uneatable" attached to their food display may not convey their intended message? At least with a plastic food display this does not have to be qualified?
I'm sure their food is likely quite edible and worth a try and at least an innovative approach although perhaps they should check relevant regulations!?

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